Krewella Member Sues for Being Kicked out of Group

UPDATE: Krewella’s Jahan and Yasmine have responded to the lawsuit with the following message on their Tumblr:
“We woke up this morning to the lawsuit Kris filed against us. As you all know, there are two sides to every story. We ask our fans to please be patient and not come to any conclusions until we are able to respond to the lawsuit with the truth. Our team has advised that we don’t get into any specifics until we can properly respond to the false claims made—most importantly being that we did not kick Kris out of Krewella, he resigned. We’re having a really difficult time today. As we write this letter to you, we are in the studio working on the second album. Please hang in there with us, the truth will eventually come out. Thank you for being so supportive, we love you guys.”

Rain Man aka Kris Trindl, a founding member of Krewella, is suing sisters Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf for at least $5 million for kicking him out of the group, says Hollywood Reporter.
The lawsuit, which was filed on Monday in California, claims the Yousaf sisters began plotting to kick Trindl out of the group after he attended Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. He says the sisters didn’t like the fact he wouldn’t party anymore and mistook his condition for depression.
In late summer of 2013, Trindl began suffering from the excessive pace of touring and partying around the world. The lawsuit states that “Kris used alcohol to try to cope with the pressure … he knew he had a drinking problem and checked himself into a detox program and then a 30-day rehab program.”
“But the Yousaf sisters didn’t like the new, sober Kris, who took care of business but did not party or drink anymore … They thought he was depressed, although he explained it was just part of the recovery process.”
According to the complaint, “It was not Kris’ health or sobriety the others were thinking about, it was all about keeping him off the road so Jahan and Yasmine could establish themselves to live audiences as a duo without Kris, so they could eventually erase him completely from Krewella and reap greater financial rewards.”
What’s a controversy without comments from deadmau5 though? The outspoken DJ/producer fired off a series of ambiguous tweets earlier today that were directed at the sisters and their manager, Jake Udell, who also manages Zhu and Pegboard Nerds:

Those who enjoy wading through legal documents can read the full complaint below:

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Jake Udell
Krewella’s manager Jake Udell was recently featured as a guest on Renman Music & Business — a YouTube channel by former Incubus manager Steve Rennie that offers advice on how to navigate today’s music business.
Udell, whose TH3RD BRAIN company also manages ZHU and Pegboard Nerds, spoke in-depth about his involvement in his client’s careers and offered golden advice to aspiring artists and industry professionals alike.

“If you don’t have hundreds or thousands of failed demos than I think it’s really difficult [to achieve success].” – Jake Udell

In one of the most interesting parts of the interview, the Chicago native discussed the unorthodox yet genius strategy behind ZHU — a mysterious Los Angeles producer who took the world by storm earlier this year with his deep house influenced hit, “Faded.”
The show also featured Eric Fuller, a partner in EDM promotion company, Life in Color. Udell’s segment began at the 29 minute mark.

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