Lincoln Baio Releases ‘Freed From Desire’ feat. Maya Killtron on DJcity Records

Toronto-based DJ/producer Lincoln Baio has dropped his first official track, “Freed From Desire” featuring Maya Killtron on DJcity Records. The infectious disco house track is a remake of Italian singer-songwriter Gala’s 1996 hit of the same name.

“The story of this cover begins in the clubs of Miami, where the original song by Gala was making a huge comeback,” Lincoln Baio says. “A big time promoter in Toronto named Kirby came to me with it after a trip to South Beach and said “trust me”. I dropped the tune at a brunch party and it crushed, it was amazing. I wanted to give it a refresh, and it needed to be funky. I cooked up a beat, and hit up the grooviest singer I know, Maya Kilton. From there it was only right it stayed in the family, so I hit up my guys at DJcity, and the rest is history.”

Download Baio’s “Freed from Desire” on DJcity and listen to it on all streaming platforms here.

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