DJ Odilon

DJ ND Teams Up With DJ Odilon for Routine using New Scratch Tool

DJ ND, host of DJcityTV’s Made From Scratch and Beatsource’s Step Your Game Up tutorial series, has linked up with multiple battle champ DJ Odilon for a routine using their latest DJ tool. Released last week, the third installment of the Made From Scratch DJ tool series has already climbed to number five on the DJcity Hot Box chart.

Download DJ ND and DJ Odilon’s “Made From Scratch Tool #3” here and watch their tag team routine above.

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Antwerp, Belgium Represents on DJcityTV’s ‘Cutting Room’

Cutting Room

DJs Odilon, Lamont, Madfingaz, Swordz, Dysfunkshunal, and Deloin represent for Antwerp, Belgium on DJcityTV’s new Cutting Room episode.

Film location: Deloin’s Playground
Instrumental: “Broken Needles” by FLUO KIDD

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