DJ Kentaro

Watch DJ Kentaro’s Showcase Set at the IDA World DJ Championships

DJ Kentaro

DJ Kentaro
DJ Kentaro at the IDA World DJ Championships in Kraków, Poland on Dec. 3, 2016. (photo: Piotr Staroń)

IDA World has shared DJ Kentaro‘s showcase set from the IDA World DJ Championships, which took place earlier this month in Poland.

The former DMC World Champion, who was invited as a special guest, put down an impressive eight-minute routine.

Watch below and stay tuned for Rafik’s showcase set on Friday.

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DJ Kentaro In Action With Pioneer’s DJM-S9

Pioneer DJ is back with another routine video, this time enlisting former DMC World Champion DJ Kentaro for a short yet impressive performance. Watch above as the Japanese turntable master goes in with Pioneer’s DJM-S9 mixer and PLX-1000 turntables.
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Watch DJ Kentaro Perform at the 2014 DMC World Championship

We’re not sure why they decided to share it now, but DMC has uploaded a video of DJ Kentaro‘s entire performance at the 2014 world championship. The Tokyo native was the 2002 world champion and one of eleven judges at the 2014 competition.
Watch Kentaro’s technically impressive set above and Mr. Switch’s winning routine, which Kentaro voted for.
Shout out to DJcity Japan.
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