See What’s Inside Ableton’s Push Controller

What's Inside?

The popular YouTube channel What’s Inside? has taken apart an Ableton Push controller to show its inner workings. The device, which includes 64 pads, can be used for both performances and production. Amazingly, the Push still works after being stripped down to its core. Watch the video above. (Skip to the 2:44 mark)

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Watch DJ Manwell, Stro Elliot and 14KT Perform With Serato DJ and Ableton Link

Serato DJ

At the end of 2016, Serato set out to find three artists to demonstrate Ableton’s Link feature with Serato DJ. DJ Manwell and hip-hop producers Stro Elliot and 14KT answered the call and put together an impressive routine, which is now available to watch.

Ableton Link is a wireless technology that keeps devices in time over a local network, so artists can “forget the hassle of setting up and focus on playing music.” DJs, producers, and musicians can sync with each other via Link-enabled DVS software such as Serato DJ and Ableton Live and DAWs like Ableton Live, Maschine, and Reason.

To showcase the technology, Manwell used two Reloop turntables and the Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 mixer, Stro used Ableton Push 2, and 14KT used the Roland DJ-808 controller. They were given three rules: They had to perform linked together, use their own music, and make a tempo change in their set. The end result was a freestyle jam session over a hip-hop beat.

Watch the trio’s performance above and learn more about Ableton Link here.

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First Look: Serato DJ 1.9.3 Public Beta

Serato DJ 1.9.3 Public Beta

DJcityTV’s Mojaxx has provided a first look at the public beta of Serato DJ 1.9.3, which was released on Wednesday. The update introduces support for Ableton Link, a technology that enables DJs to sync Serato DJ with Ableton Live and other Serato DJ setups over a local network. The beta also includes updates to the Serato DJ Sample Player and MIDI mapping, along with various bug fixes.

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How to Make Acapella Edits for Your DJ Sets Using Ableton Live

Turntable Techniques

The first two episodes of DJcityTV and Beat Refinery‘s Turntable Techniques series focused on using acapella-in and acapella-out edits in your DJ sets. Now, DJcityTV and Beat Refinery have returned with a tutorial that explains how to make the edits using Ableton Live. Watch above to see Trayze, a Red Bull Thre3style USA Finalist, take you through the process.

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Watch Deadmau5 Give a Tour of His New Studio

deadmau5 in his new home studio. (Billboard)
Deadmau5 recently gave Razer Music a walkthrough of his impressive new studio. The Canadian producer showed off the various components of the workspace, including his extensive collection of synths.
In addition to the tour, mau5 and engineer Steve Duda broke down his electro house track, “Imaginary Friends,” which was produced with Ableton Live 9. The two discussed the song’s structure, melodies, and drum patterns, along with mau5’s overall creative process.
Watch the videos below.


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How to Make a Beat Using Ableton Push 2

With the release of Push 2 and Live 9.5 this week, Ableton has shared a video on how to make a beat with the new controller. JNTHN STEIN, a member of renowned production crew TeamSupreme, is shown selecting initial drum patterns, creating melodies, adding layers and more. Watch the 10-minute clip above.
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