SoundCloud’s Streaming Limit Doesn’t Apply to Embeds

UPDATE: SoundCloud has clarified that this change does not affect the embedded player, and if you have not heard from them, your app is unaffected.
SoundCloud announced today that they will be implementing a 24-hour streaming limit of 15,000 plays on all songs streamed via client applications starting July 1.
Many news sources have reported that the regulation will apply to embeds on websites. However, according to The Next Web and Stoney Roads, embeds will not be affected.
SoundCloud’s announcement says: “We’re dealing with an increasing number of applications that abuse creator content. To help us limit this type of behaviour, we’re introducing a daily rate limit on API play requests.”
The statement continues: “Only a small number of developers will be affected by this change, and we’ll be contacting them via email to ensure a smooth transition.”
Some sites have suggested that the rule will ensure that SoundCloud’s ads get served to everyone. As of right now, third party sites that use SoundCloud’s API can get around the ads via their custom players (e.g. Hype Machine).
Read SoundCloud’s full announcement here.
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