Pioneer DJ Releases Public Beta of Rekordbox 5

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Rekordbox 5’s new GUI. (Photo credit: Mojaxx)

Pioneer DJ has released the public beta of Rekordbox 5. The version includes support for the company’s DJM-S9 mixer, a renewed GUI, and other new features and improvements.

The announcement was made on Thursday on Pioneer’s official forums.

Below is the full list of changes. You can download the beta here.

New features

– DJM-S9 support
– Renewed GUI
– Key shift and key sync
– 16 hot cues and pad FX support
– Keyboard mode (key-shifted hot cue play)
– Beat Loop mode
– Play hot cue before reaching the next beat
– Set quantize beat value for each function


– Display 16 or 8 slots of the sampler
– Set beat grid even for short or no beat sampling sound
– Quantize hot cue to the closest beat while playing
– Display remaining and elapsed time at the same time
– Sync with a track which has a BPM double or half of a master deck
– More choices for font size and line spacing
– Display original BPM on decks

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  • Hicham Ezzat – Chabana

    Apparently download links are down, was it pulled out?

  • Ryan Sutherland

    Link not working/no longer available. Are there any others? Really keen to give this a go

  • Hicham Ezzat – Chabana

    Working now, the updated the links

  • DJ H3k PRim3 Kr3ator

    So since Serato DJ makes vinyl turntables work readily as a controller, what is the purpose of an interface now?

  • Jyve

    I think I might make Rekordbox DJ the base of my DJ library… having the ability to organize out of ONE library is pretty convenient and easy to backup.