Pioneer DJ Introduces Festival-Ready TOUR System

Pioneer DJ TOUR System
Back in January, we reported that Pioneer DJ’s new TOUR system was one of the most unusual new products at this year’s NAMM Show. The setup, which was composed of four modified CDJs and one modified DJM mixer, was enclosed in a glass display and not available for testing. The lack of accessibility led to speculation that the system could simply just be the DJ equivalent of a concept car. Today, however, Pioneer DJ announced that the TOUR is not only a real product but will be available July.
The CDJ-TOUR1 is a beefed-up CDJ-2000NXS2 with improved audio quality, adjustable isolator feet, and a separate power supply. It comes with a regular NXS2 touchscreen, plus a 13-inch LCD display, which is attached to the back. The LCD shows much more of rekordbox’s interface than what’s available on the NXS2 touchscreen.
The DJM-TOUR1 also has a 13-inch touchscreen, along with a ton of features aimed at improving audio quality. It has an ABS/EBU digital output with word clock input for ensuring the highest sound quality when connecting to front-of-house desks in arenas. The unit has a built-in LAN hub with etherCON connectors, which are lockable (they’re included on the CDJ, too). There’s also a pair of independent headphone sections, which make it easier to perform tag team sets with one mixer.
The big thing that stands out is the price: $5,000 for the CDJ and $6,000 for the DJM. That means that the total cost of a four-deck system is a whopping $26,000. It’s important to realize that the TOUR system isn’t intended for regular DJs, though. Pioneer DJ has no intention of selling huge numbers of it to DJs (they’ll certainly be happy to take your money if you want one, though). Rather, the TOUR is for companies that produce large festivals, arena concerts, etc. The pro-level audio connections and ease of integration clearly suggest that.
LCD Display
The LCD displays provide a lot of detailed information, which isn’t available on regular CDJ screens. But unless you set them at a low angle, you’ll be creating a wall between yourself and the audience. Is the information and functionality that the displays provide worth the compromise in visibility? That remains to be seen (no pun intended).
PLX version?
As of right now, Pioneer has only introduced TOUR versions of the CDJ and DJM. Digital devices don’t really have issues with isolation and feedback like analog decks do, though. With that in mind, it would be nice to see a TOUR version of Pioneer DJ’s PLX-1000 turntable.
Final thoughts
DJcity will not be reviewing the TOUR system or the individual CDJ and DJM units, as they’re not designed for regular DJs. We’re certainly looking forward to playing around with them at Pioneer DJ’s headquarters as soon as we can, though.
Are you excited about the TOUR system? If not, what do you consider a “pro” setup? Let us know in the comments section below.

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