MAKJ Urges DJs to Produce Their Own Music

DJ Mag caught up with rising DJ/producer MAKJ who was just ranked sixty-third in their controversial Top 100 poll. Albeit brief, his interview contains a golden piece of advice to up-and-coming DJs and producers.

“I was in this position that I was a DJ before I started producing music and once I started producing music, the rest was kind of history. My ability to go travel the world and have fans that came to see me for my music instead of just for my DJ abilities was surpassed the amount of respect I could’ve gotten doing anything else. So definitely, produce your own music, don’t be a DJ.”

While there’s plenty of successful DJs out there who don’t produce, MAK’s advice comes as folks look to differentiate themselves in an increasingly over-saturated market. Adding production to your arsenal can only help, and in MAK’s case, jump-start your career and propel you into the DJ Mag’s Top 100.
Check out MAK’s interview with DJcityTV about his beginnings as a mobile DJ and collaboration with Hardwell:

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