LMFAO Responds to Rick Ross Lawsuit

Earlier this year, rapper Rick Ross filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against LMFAO over their 2010 hit, “Party Rock Anthem.” According to court documents released by The Hollywood Reporter, LMFAO’s song is a derivative work and seeks to capitalize on Ross’ own hit, “Hustlin’.”
The lyric in question is “Everyday I’m shufflin’,” which Ross claims is a bite of his phrase, “Everyday I’m hustlin’.”
LMFAO begs to differ, though. According to Design & Trends, the duo filed court documents last week which ask for the suit to be dismissed. The documents state, “the lyrics of the composition ‘Party Rock Anthem’ tell a story and express a life philosophy completely opposite to the story and philosophy celebrated and espoused in ‘Hustlin.'”
So how much money could be involved?
The Inquisitr writes, “Ross and co-composer Jermaine Jackson are seeking an injunction and maximum statutory damages from LMFAO. While no figure was given, the damages could amount to a substantial amount considering the massive sales figures of ‘Party Rock Anthem,’ and its use in various films, TV shows, video games and advertisements. The phrase in question has also appeared on T-shirts and other items in LMFAO’s Party Rock Clothing line.”
Back in June, Redfoo of LMFAO told TMZ that a face-to-face meeting with Ross could end the disagreement. “I got love for Rick Ross, that’s real…and honestly I think it’s a misunderstanding,” he said. “I know if me and Rick got on the phone, if we met in person we would talk about some stuff…it’d be over, and I’m willing to do that.”
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