Laidback Luke Breaks Down His Tomorrowland Set

Laidback Luke is known for being an advocate for the “real DJing” movement. The legendary DJ/producer, who has addressed accusations of playing a pre-recorded set in the past, often encourages DJs to “play live.” He even held a workshop on “real DJing” back in 2015.

Luke has since shared several educational videos on his YouTube channel, which includes a series called In My Mind. In it, the Dutchman annotates his live sets to show the thought process behind them. The series has drawn close to 500,000 views.

On the latest episode, Luke breaks down his recent set from Belgium’s Tomorrowland festival.

“You are gonna crawl inside my mind and see how I play at a huge festival, one of the highlights of this year, and see how I maneuver my way through it,” Luke says in the video.

Watch above.

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