Kanye West Returns to BBC Radio 1 for Another Epic Interview

Kanye West
Following his impressive performance at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday, Kanye West returned to BBC Radio 1 to chat with Zane Lowe for the first time in over a year.
Yeezy discussed a wide range of topics during the heartfelt interview, including his frustration with the fashion industry, being misunderstood, his upcoming album, working with Paul McCartney, his thoughts on Drake, and more.
Watch the full interview below:

Here’s a breakdown of the topics covered:
Frustration with the fashion industry (0:45)
Being misunderstood (15:20)
Forthcoming album (17:30)
Working with Paul McCartney (21:20)
Fashion design professor Louise Wilson (24:10)
Why he’s so passionate about design (28:40)
Relationship with Elon Musk (30:00)
Mission to defeat classism (32:30)
Controversial comments about Beck (35:00)
Thoughts on Drake (41:20)
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