How Much Should DJs Adjust the Pitch of a Track?

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Since the introduction of the master tempo feature in DJ software, DJs have had a lot more freedom when it comes to adjusting the pitch of a track. But there are limits to how much the pitch can be changed before it affects the vibe of a song.

On this episode of DJcityTV’s Share the Knowledge, DJ TLM discusses why DJs should be careful when using the master tempo feature.

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  • Dino Costantinos

    Spot on! It took me many years of gruelling practice and training and I always play it by ear. I trained my ears to really Listen to a track and how it’s meant to sound, tempo wise.
    I mix Drum & Bass music primarily. Some tracks sound better speeded up slightly as they sound more tight, especially ‘roller type’ tracks. Heavily ‘crowded’ tracks, such as ones with a lot of Amen beats sound better slightly slower, for me and must be ‘danceable’ . There are many different tempos in HipHop too . It’s great fun putting tracks together and yes, one doesn’t have to mix them all together, long quiet intros etc can just be brought in subtly. I totally get it! Gradual transitions then back to a reasonable speed etc. The possibilities are endless!
    Great video! Thanks for sharing !
    DJ JKD .