DJ Mustard Talks Opening for Skrillex & Working with Diplo

DJ Mustard
DJ Mustard is a rarity in the world of hip-hop producers. Unlike many of his peers who stay behind the scenes and lack consumer awareness, Mustard is signed as a solo artist to an influential label. In some ways, Roc Nation’s strategy for Mustard is akin to that of the EDM world, where producers are expected to perform regularly and build a following. This, along with his ability to crank out infectious hits, might explain why he was invited last month to partake in Skrillex’s upcoming fall tour.
As Mustard prepares to hit the road with Skrill next month, Billboard caught up with the Los Angeles superproducer at the Made in America festival last week to discuss working with the OWSLA head and Diplo. Here’s a couple points he touched on that we think are noteworthy:
On opening for Skrillex: “Me and Skrillex are gonna be doing a whole lot of shows together and some sh#t like that. I’m ready for that, should be fun . . . Skrillex is dope. He plays everything. It’s amazing what he does.”
On producing while on the road: “I’m still in work mode, I’m still going to the studio every night, I’m doing my shows, having fun, rocking crowds, just trying to be the biggest producer in the game.”
On working with Diplo: “Me and Diplo actually gonna go in the studio and work on some sh#t too . . . I’m doing some beats for Major Lazer. I met Diplo awhile ago. I did some stuff for Jody Highroller [aka Riff Raff], my boy, and he’s signed to Diplo. Me and Diplo kicked it from there.”
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