DJ Morse Code Kicks Off New DJcityTV Series [Video]

The best DJs in the world are creative and differentiate themselves by thinking outside the box. DJcityTV’s new series “Tone Play” is intended to shed light on the technique of seamlessly mixing two tracks together by linking similar tones or melodies. The technique itself isn’t new but has evolved and become increasingly popular in recent years due to DJs such as the current Red Bull Thre3style champion, Four Color Zack.

In DJcityTV’s debut episode of “Tone Play”, DJ Morse Code kicks off the series by demonstrating three routines he used in Red Bull’s 2013 Thre3style in Los Angeles. Morse’s performance was one of the dopest we’ve seen in a while so we decided to give him an opportunity to show off his tricks and explain how he does it.

DJcity’s “Tone Play” series will feature some of the illest DJs in the game. We’ve got great talent lined up for future episodes so be sure to subscribe for updates!

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