DJ Brace Drops New Album, ‘Apatheia’

DJ Brace
DJ Brace at the DMC World DJ Championships in London. (Photo credit: Michael Bowles)

Three-time DMC Online champion DJ Brace has released Apatheia, his third solo studio album. Issued on Fat Beats Records, it blends his world-class turntablism with instrumental hip-hop and thought-provoking samples.

World-renowned turntablist DJ Woody described the project on Fat Beats’ website:

“Combining equally accomplished prowess on the boards as on the turntables, Brace’s new album Apatheia is beautifully executed. The nine atmospheric soundscapes gel together with great cohesion resulting in a rewarding listen from start to finish. Evoking the best output of labels such as Mo’ Wax and Ninja Tune, Apatheia is a must listen!”

Brooklyn-based MC Soul Khan also praised the album: “Apatheia reaffirms that DJ Brace’s work belongs in the same tier as DJ Shadow or RJD2, but with a style and trajectory all his own.”

Watch Brace perform “Beyond” from the album and buy the project on Fat Beats.

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