Deorro and MAKJ Drop New Track, ‘Ante Up’

Deorro performing at LE’BOOM at Sound Nightclub in Hollywood.
Last August, Deorro and MAKJ joined forces for an electro house heater titled, “READY!” The track became a festival favorite and currently has over 3,000,000 SoundCloud plays.
Now, nearly a year later, the California natives have returned with another hard-hitter: “Ante Up.” The song is pretty much what you’d expect from Deorro and MAK except for one big difference: it contains a sample of M.O.P.’s hip-hop anthem from 2000 of the same title.
For those who don’t know, M.O.P. is a respected hip-hop duo from New York that collaborated with DJ Premier in the ’90s and ’00s. Their 2000 single, “Ante Up,” achieved mainstream success and is now a classic of the era. Considering that MAK is returning to his roots as an open-format DJ, it makes sense that he’d flip a track from a group like M.O.P.
Stream and download Deorro and MAK’s “Ante Up” below. You can also grab it on DJcity.

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