Denon DJ Reveals Details of X1800 Mixer and VL12 Turntable

Denon DJ

The announcement of the SC5000 media player was Denon DJ’s big story on Monday, but the company also revealed details of the other products in their pro-level Prime series.

X1800 Prime Mixer

First up is the new X1800, a four-channel club mixer with high-quality 24bit 96kHz audio output. It has a four-port LAN hub, enabling the mixer to communicate directly with the SC5000 player. That makes it possible to share Beatgrid information between devices for synchronized FX. Speaking of which, each channel has a dedicated set of Sweep FX such as dub, noise, and reverb. There is also a full BPM FX unit featuring 12 high-quality FX with a quantized touch strip control and OLED display.

The X1800 also features dual USB connections to link with third-party software for easy changeovers. However, support for Traktor Scratch and Serato DJ as well as digital inputs and outputs have not yet been announced. The suggested retail price for the mixer is $1,899, putting it firmly in the pro-level price bracket.

X1800 Prime mixer

VL12 Prime Turntable

Denon also announced that their VL12 Prime turntable will ship in the first quarter of 2017, which means it should be hitting stores in the next three months.

Debuted at the 2016 NAMM show, the VL12 caused a stir because it is the first DJ-specific turntable in years that is not based on Hanpin’s Super OEM design (used for Stanton’s ST-150, Pioneer DJ’s PLX-1000, etc.).

Instead, Denon has designed the VL12 from the ground up with the unusual focus of function above all else. It features all-metal construction with feet designed specifically to resist vibration. That means the deck will perform great even in loud environments with a lot of vibration.

The platter edge is a departure from the traditional Technics dot design, and according to Denon, offers improved performance when nudging or dragging the platter in the mix. And for a dash of extra style, the edge features RGB lighting, which can be customized in both intensity and color.

The VL12 has been a long time coming, but with Technics confirming that they are not interested in the DJ market, it will be the turntable to watch in 2017.

VL12 Prime turntable

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