A-Trak Demonstrates Creative Way to Use Serato DJ Pro’s Slip Mode Feature

A-Trak is known for pushing the DJ culture forward by creating new ideas to use in his routines then sharing how he comes up with them. As he in November when he broke down how he constructed his “rockstarroutine.

Today, the Fool’s Gold Chief has explained how he came up with a creative way to use Serato DJ Pro’s Slip Mode feature.

Slip Mode is a tool that enables DJs to manipulate a track without losing its playback position.

A-Trak uses the feature to integrate scratching into his mix while maintaining a continuous groove. He combines it with another idea he had in which he uses loops in his set instead of full tracks and what he achieves is a new way to perform a scratch routine.

In the video, A-Trak discusses his thought process behind the idea. He then demonstrates the technique using Basement Jaxx‘s 1999 interlude, “Jazzalude.”

Watch it above.

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