Zedd Discusses Rock Influences with Nardwuar

Nardwuar is one of the best interviewers. His appearance and delivery might be considered weird by some people, but his videos are almost always entertaining and revealing. While many interviewers ask obvious questions, Nardwuar does a lot of research and inquires about relevant topics, many of which are obscure yet interesting.
His latest interview with German superstar Zedd is no different.
During the eleven and a half minute conversation, Nardwuar got the DJ/producer to open up about his love for rock music and his family’s musical background. For example, Zedd revealed that his hit single “Find You” was influenced by British classic rock band Queen. We also learned his stepmother is in a cover band that performs his songs, along with those of Pharrell Williams and Lorde.
This interview reminds us that the new generation of EDM artists often come from diverse backgrounds. Hit producers like Zedd and Avicii have both said they weren’t originally interested in dance music, and during his interview with Nardwuar, Zedd even admitted he isn’t “very familiar with DJ history.” Whether or not you like their music, this might explain why their approach is so different from others in the EDM world.
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