Watch 808 Melo Explain How He Made Pop Smoke’s ‘Dior’

Producer 808 Melo recently sat down with Genius for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Pop Smoke‘s “Dior.”

The slow-burning “Brooklyn drill”-style single peaked in Billboard’s Top 40 at #22 and was his first solo hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

Only 20 years old, the East London-based producer has successfully blended equal parts of UK grime, Chicago drill, and New York’s take on trap, combining it into a unique, exciting musical subgenre. In breaking down the making of “Dior,” take particular note to how he discusses how much space and room he gives the artist to be able to both rap and ad-lib. Impressively, there’s a “less is more” to what 808 Melo does. As much as Pop Smoke was credited for having such a unique voice, the track he’s rapping over is almost specifically engineered to highlight exactly what he did, and how he did it.

Watch the making of “Dior” above.

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