Top Remixes of Bruno Mars’ ‘Finesse’

Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars (Photo credit: Instagram)

Bruno Mars24K Magic album is packed with hits. The title track, “That’s What I Like,” and “Versace on the Floor” have all made Billboard’s Hot 100, with the first two hitting the top 10.

The album’s latest single, “Finesse,” has also cracked the top 10 (thanks to a remix and throwback video featuring Cardi B). Though ’90s music and fashion has been making a comeback for a while, the track has breathed life into the track’s genre: new jack swing. There’s been a surge of interest in the style since the single’s release, including an epic mix from Vancouver’s Flipout and Jay Swing.

Below are our favorite remixes, bootlegs, and edits of the track so far. Some of them include Cardi, while others don’t.

Delirious & Alex K Remix

DJ Skillz 105-101 Get Low Transition

DJ Smerk Hype Intro

Ethan James Remix

James Hype Remix

James Kelly Finesse Bootleg

Skratch Bastid Finesse Blend

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