The World’s Highest-Paid DJs of 2013

Forbes has released their second annual highest-paid DJs list but this year expanded it from 10 names to 12.

In the video above, Forbes mentions that Calvin Harris earned more than Jay Z, Kanye West or Katy Perry—supporting claims that EDM is still rising and the world’s dominate genre.

It’s worth noting that these earnings include more than live events—DJs such as Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Afrojack and David Guetta earned revenue from production and other business activities.

Calvin Harris, Tiësto, Deadmau5 and Kaskade can thank Las Vegas for part of their success as those DJs currently hold lucrative residencies in the city. Vegas’s growing list of superstar residents have signaled its growing influence on the global dance scene.

Tiësto told Forbes, “I think Las Vegas is really taking over from Ibiza this year…you can already see…all the DJs having their residence there now. It’s going to be interesting to see how that develops. But it looks really good.”

Below is the top 12 and we also recommend reading the full article at Forbes:

01. Calvin Harris – $46 million
02. Tiësto – $32 million
03. David Guetta – $30 million
04. Swedish House Mafia – $25 million
05. Deadmau5 – $21 million
06. Avicii – $20 million
07. Afrojack – $18 million
08. Armin van Buuren – $17 million
09. Skrillex – $16 million (tie)
09. Kaskade – $16 million (tie)
11. Steve Aoki – $14 million
12. DJ Pauly D – $13 million (tie)
12. Diplo – $13 million (tie)

Curious to know how Calvin Harris made it to number one? Watch this video about his humble beginnings and rise to fame.