Mixcloud Launches ‘Fan-to-Creator’ Subscription Service



Audio streaming platform Mixcloud has launched a “fan-to-creator” subscription service called Mixcloud Select. The service lets listeners subscribe to a creator’s channel to directly support them and the music played in their shows. It also enables creators to earn revenue for the first time on the platform.

With a subscription, listeners get an enhanced listening experience that includes offline listening, viewable tracklists, and no ads. Creators can set their own price, starting at $2.99 per month. They receive a share of profits from their subscriptions, while the artists, labels, and publishers get royalty revenue.

The first wave of Mixcloud Select creators includes DJs such as Afrojack and Oliver Heldens, and labels like Big Beat and Defected.

Nikhil Shah, co-founder of Mixcloud, said in the press release:

“There’s a lot of creative energy that goes into crafting a DJ mix, radio show or podcast in order to inspire listeners, and until now, these creators have been left out of the revenue mix. We’ve been working hard to design a model alongside the industry that recognizes the value these creators bring to the music ecosystem, and today we’re excited to share this with the world.”

For more information on Mixcloud Select, click here.

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Mixcloud Signs Licensing Deal With Warner Music Group


Music streaming service Mixcloud has signed a licensing agreement with Warner Music Group, its first deal with a major record company.

According to Mixcloud’s press release, the agreement will help enable a new offering in which fans can subscribe to creator channels “for a more interactive listening experience.” The deal will also “help audio creators on the platform monetise their content.”

Founded in 2008, Mixcloud offers around 12 million radio shows, DJ sets, and podcasts, which are produced by over 1 million creators. However, the platform uses a statutory radio license, which limits the content that creators can use. Some creators have experienced copyright takedowns in recent years, similar to that of SoundCloud and other platforms.

Nico Perez, co-founder and director of content at Mixcloud, said in the press release:

“Since the beginning, we have worked with rightsholders to both monetise long-form audio and champion the importance of curation in the streaming industry. As we embark on direct licensing relationships with the major labels, we are committed to doing what is best for artists, curators, music fans, and the industry.”

Ole Obermann, EVP of business development and chief digital officer at Warner Music Group, added:

“This deal is a good example of our willingness to experiment and lead in embracing differentiated new business models. As streaming opens up access to a vast universe of music, we are seeing a complimentary rise in fans’ engagement with curated experiences, such as playlists, on-demand radio shows, and DJ sets.”

Billboard reports that Mixcloud is in discussions with Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and independent rights organization Merlin about striking similar license deals to that of Warner.

Mixcloud hasn’t revealed details of the new subscription plan, but Perez told Financial Times:

“We don’t want to do the $9.99 a month. That’s done. That market is served. What we’re building is going to be very customised.”

Financial Times added:

“While the labels have been hesitant to budge on a $10 a month price, Warner Music does not view Mixcloud as a direct threat to Spotify, which made the label more open to experiment, according to one person close to the deal.”

Updated on Oct. 10, 2017.

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DJs Can Now Import SoundCloud Mixes Into Mixcloud

SoundCloud has been an unreliable service for hosting DJ mixes ever since record labels started cracking down on the company last year. Thankfully, those who are tired of takedowns can now import their existing mixes directly into Mixcloud with a new tool.
The company’s SoundCloud importer was previously only available to Mixcloud content partners, but the company has now made it available to the public as a beta. The tool is only available for long-form content such as mixes, radio shows and podcasts, as Mixcloud doesn’t allow single track or album uploads.
Mixcloud also differs from SoundCloud in that it’s a licensed Internet radio service and has agreements with various collecting societies. This means that while Mixcloud doesn’t allow downloading and rewinding within a mix, their service is completely legal, and DJs don’t have to worry about takedowns.
The company also offers premium accounts with more features, and DJcity readers can get three months of free service with the promo code: DJCITYFREETRIAL (monthly plan only).
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SoundCloud Versus the Alternatives

For a long time, SoundCloud was the number one choice for many DJs looking to host their mixes online. However, the company has stepped up copyright enforcement over the last year, and many DJs have had their mixes taken down, and even their accounts removed.
As DJs continue looking for alternatives, DJWORX has compared SoundCloud with its leading alternatives, including MixCloud, Mixcrate, YouTube, PodOmatic, and others. Their extensive breakdown looks at various aspects of each service, including audio quality, interface and cost. Check out their article here.
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Four Hours of Audio Is Uploaded to Mixcloud Every Minute

Nearly four hours of content gets uploaded to Mixcloud every minute, the company says. The statistic was revealed today in a blog post celebrating its fifth anniversary.
Mixcloud also revealed that over six million shows have been uploaded by 650,000 DJs, radio presenters and curators since its launch. A record 200,000 were uploaded in the last month alone, with each averaging 45 minutes.
Up until recently, SoundCloud was the preferred platform for DJs to upload mixes to. However, the company’s tightening of copyright enforcement in recent months has resulted in many DJs moving to similar services such as Mixcloud, iTunes Podcasts and PodOmatic.
In August, Mixcloud introduced Pro accounts that provide content creators with advanced analytics, scheduled uploads, profile customization, and more. DJcity readers can get three months of free service with the promo code: DJCITYFREETRIAL (monthly plan only).
Be sure to follow DJcity on Mixcloud for weekly mixes every Tuesday and Friday.
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Mixcloud Introduces Subscriptions & Repost Feature

Internet radio start-up Mixcloud announced subscription accounts for both listeners and uploaders today. A free version of the service will remain but those that are serious about improving their experience now have the option to upgrade.
The “Pro” account for uploaders costs $15/month or $135/year and gives access to an analytics dashboard showing their audience size, source, location and engagement, along with advanced publishing tools that include comment control and scheduled uploads.
Specifically, the analytics dashboard includes a graph that shows where listeners are dropping off — a useful feature for DJs that are curious to know how their mixes perform on a track-by-track basis.
Mixcloud engagement graph
Listeners can also upgrade to a “Premium” account which provides an “uncluttered ad-free listening experience” for $6.99/month or $69.99/year.
In addition to subscription accounts, the company also added a much-needed “repost” feature which Mixcloud co-founder and CTO Mat Clayton said was “inspired by the concept of ‘Retweets’ and ‘Reblogs’ on Twitter and Tumblr.
Repost button
Mixcloud has seen a surge of new users in recents months as unlicensed platforms such as SoundCloud ramp up their copyright takedowns. Mixcloud is unique in its nature as a licensed platform that pays royalties for the tracks streamed within each radio show or DJ mix.
Mixcloud currently has 10 million monthly listeners and reported a 60% increase in total listening time since their redesign in January.

DJcity Partners with Mixcloud

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Note: our weekly podcasts will continue to be available on iTunes.
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