El Arte de Ser DJ

DJcity’s Record Pool Reviewed By Popular Latin DJ YouTube Channel

El arte de ser DJ

DJcity’s record pool has been reviewed by popular Latin America-based YouTube channel, El Arte de Ser DJ (The Art of Being a DJ). Hosted by DJ Luis Martinez, the channel offers tips, tutorials, and reviews for Spanish speaking DJs.

Luis Martinez is a 10-year DJ veteran who’s well known throughout Latin America. His channel has close to 64,000 subscribers and has gained over 5.4 million views since 2013.

In his review, Martinez begins by explaining the purpose of a DJ pool and then discusses whether subscribing to one is worth the investment. He goes on to give a comprehensive walkthrough of DJcity’s subscription service, examining the various features it has to offer. He ends by sharing his findings and overall opinion.

Watch the review above.

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