DJ D-Sol

Goldman Sach’s Next CEO Is a Part-Time DJ

DJ D-Sol performs at the 2017 EM Awards. (Credit: Gotophotography)

David Solomon, a longtime investment banker who doubles as a DJ/producer, is set to become the president and CEO of Goldman Sachs. The 56-year-old made headlines in 2017 when The New York Times reported on his hobby as a DJ.

DJ D-Sol, who began DJing last year, has already performed in New York City, Miami, and the Bahamas. His remix of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” was featured on SiriusXM’s dance music channel, BPM. He also performed at the inaugural EM Awards (Electronic Music Awards).

Solomon currently serves as the co-president of Goldman Sachs. According to the NYT, “the decision was signaled Monday with the abrupt retirement of Mr. Solomon’s lone rival for the job, Harvey M. Schwartz.”

“David’s always believed that having a wide range of outside interests leads to a balanced life and makes for a better career,” Jake Siewert, a Goldman spokesman, told the New York Times. “He’s preached that regularly to younger employees in the firm and tries to lead by example.”

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