D-Nice’s Instagram Live Set Goes Viral

D-Nice. (Source: Instagram)

With the nightlife scene essentially shut down during the coronavirus quarantine, many DJs have turned to broadcasting live sets on Instagram. One DJ – rapper-turned-mixer D-Nice – managed to rake in hundreds of thousands of viewers over the course of the week. During Saturday’s #ClubQuarantine set, D-Nice played for over 100,000 viewers simultaneously, including some high-profile celebrities. Among the viewers were Drake, DJ Khaled, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and many others.

D-Nice’s #HOMEschool series of streaming performances (which included Saturday night’s #ClubQuarantine set) highlights the power of the growing trend of live streaming. These sentiments were echoed in DJcity’s interview with notable DJs on how to prepare for the onset of the outbreak. Mojaxx’s series of live streaming tips and tricks may also come in handy for any DJ looking for a way to connect to fans during this era of social distancing.

It is unclear how long the coronavirus quarantine will affect the nightlife and live music industries. But as evident from D-Nice, Major Lazer, and DJ Premier to DJcity’s own streaming performance from Chris Villa, the quarantine offers a unique opportunity to engage with fans. Check out a snippet of one of D-Nice’s sets below and stay tuned for more on this growing trend.

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