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D.A. Doman: One of Hip-Hop’s Most In-Demand Producers

D.A. Doman

D.A. Doman
D.A. Doman (Source: D.A. Doman)

After a breakout year in 2018, D.A. Doman has become one of hip-hop’s most in-demand producers. The Chicago native has helped lead the resurgence of 100 BPM tracks with his signature sound.

He also played a key role in Tyga’s comeback, producing two Billboard Hot 100 singles for the rapper (“Taste” and “Dip“). Doman also produced “SWISH,” which was one of DJcity’s most-downloaded tracks of the year (along with “Taste” and “Dip”).

To cap off a successful 2018, the 34-year-old produced Kodak Black’s “ZEZE,” which peaked at No. 2 on the Hot 100, and Kid Ink’s “YUSO,” which reached No. 26 on Billboard’s Rhythmic Songs chart.

Continuing the momentum in 2019, Doman has lent his signature sound to Bhad Bhabie (“Bestie“) and Tyga (“Floss in the Bank“). Both tracks appeared on DJcity’s monthly Top 50 chart. Most recently, Doman produced two tracks on Rich The Kid’s new album (“Save That” and “The World is Yours 2 – Intro”).

We spoke with Doman to learn more about his background and sound.

Most of your previous work is slower and trap-influenced, but in 2018 you started producing more 100 BPM tracks. Why did you transition?

I produced Chris Brown‘s single “Privacy” in 2017, and that did well. That was uptempo, and I wanted to do something different than the rest of hip-hop. Everyone was doing slow beats, so I said to myself, “let me make some uptempo ones.” I wanted to be unique and have my own sound. It was influential ’cause now there’s a lot of people doing uptempo music again. “Taste” and “ZEZE” definitely made an impact. I’ve had several big hip-hop producers [direct message] me and thank me for changing things up and keeping things fresh.

Yeah, 100 BPM tracks have made a comeback. How long do you think it will last?

Everything goes in trends, so this sound that I got hot will eventually die off. Hip-hop is so versatile though; you can have a bunch of different vibes going at once. For instance, trap tempo stuff is still super popular now, but so is this uptempo wave that I brought in.

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You had a very successful 2018 and are continuing to see success. Do you feel pressure to keep up the momentum?

You know honestly, I love music so much, it never feels like work when I’m doing it. And the only way to keep up the momentum is to keep making music all the time. So no, I don’t feel pressure.

Have you produced any tracks that you think got overlooked?

I think the best things don’t get overlooked. “Taste” could of easily gotten overlooked, but it didn’t, there’s a reason for that. [laughs]

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You’ve produced a lot of tracks for Tyga. What’s your relationship with him like?

It’s a good relationship. He trusts my ear.

The majority of your work has been in hip-hop and R&B. Do you have any desire to work in other genres?

Yup, I have some music coming in other genres. Rap and R&B are my first loves though, after my wife and daughter. [laughs]

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Do you have any upcoming tracks that you can tell us about?

I got a bunch of stuff coming up. I have a big record with Ty Dolla $ign coming. He’s not only a great singer but a great writer too. And I got more, but it hasn’t been officially announced yet so I can’t speak on it. The two songs I produced on Rich The Kid’s album, “Save That” and “The World is Yours 2 – Intro,” are out now. You can check those out. “Save That” is my signature uptempo sound and is club ready.

Thanks much for the interview and thank you to all the DJs, PDs, and MDs who have my records in rotation. You guys make the world spin.

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