SoundCloud in Licensing Talks with Record Labels


SoundCloud is currently engaged in “serious” licensing discussions with major labels and publishers, according to sources who spoke to Digital Music News.

For years, users have uploaded unlicensed audio to SoundCloud, which is one of the world’s leading streaming platforms. As a result, the Germany-based company implemented a content identification system and copyright holders are able to issue take downs. This arrangement is no longer enough to please rights holders, though.

“The rules are pretty simple: as long as a process exists to eliminate content that is flagged by the content owner, SoundCloud steers clear of any legal entanglements. The only problem is that rights owners are responsible for notifying SoundCloud each and every time an infraction occurs, which is essentially impossible.”

It’s too early to know how these discussions will affect the DJ community but it’s safe to say competing platforms such as iTunes, Mixcloud and Mixcrate might greatly benefit as a result.

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