Skratch Bastid Defends ‘Fake DJing’ Disqualification

Skratch Basti

DJcity has reached out to Thre3style judge Skratch Bastid for his take on G Smooth’s latest public statement and video addressing the controversy that stripped him of his 2016 Australian Thre3style title last week:

G Smooth was disqualified from the competition after Thre3style judges determined much of his set was pre-recorded. In a lengthy Facebook post, Smooth asserted:

“On the night of the Australian Red Bull Thre3style championship on July 1, 2016 at Boney, my set was NOT pre-recorded. I performed my set LIVE.”

Smooth followed his post with a FB Live video showing him perform the would-be winning set in it’s entirety.

G Smooth Red Bull Live Set – Take 2!

Posted by DJ G Smooth on Thursday, July 21, 2016

DJcity was able to obtain unreleased footage of G Smooth’s set from the night of the July 1st battle. Check it out and draw your own conclusions.

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  • Gregory djlazyboy Sherrell

    It’s “LAZY”?!?!?!?!?!

    • DJRams

      It’s shameful, disrespectful and yes very lazy !

  • Gregory djlazyboy Sherrell

    ALSO Skratch Bastid, I think it’s lightweight messed up that you allowed him to shoot his most recent LIVE version in your studio before filming this “WEIGHING IN” video.

    • Mike Davis

      I don’t think it’s a case of Bastid allowing G Smooth the chance to defend himself, but more of a case of swinging at the ball that was pitched. Nobody in the DJ community thought G Smooth was gonna double down and assert that he did play his set live (C’MON SON!) and I’m sure Bastid didn’t think he was going to have to make a video clarifying the judges’ ruling… but here we are.

      • Gregory djlazyboy Sherrell

        He’s a liar and a cheat. I was being sarcastic because the wall of records looks similar. 😬

        • Gregory djlazyboy Sherrell

          I’m never gonna be allowed to his BBQ.

          • PyRoFizzle

            Its not in Bastids Room! Lol! G-Smooth lives in Australia, Bastid in Canada. And a lot of DJs have Record Shelfs like this! Nothing special.

          • Gregory djlazyboy Sherrell

            Okay. Good. Because I like BBQ

  • DJ Polarity

    This set was barely valid in my opinion. Dude’s energy was aunthetic yet his presentation was just subpar. The whole set came off as just improv and you can tell everything was just slapped together. It’s just not what should be brought out in this competition. It’s one thing to stand in defense yet you must know and understand what you should and should not do for this battle. If it looks wrong and/or sounds wrong, you’re gonna get called on it.

  • Spacecamp

    So in G-Smooth’s new video, why are the deck gains turned up on each channel, where as they’re clearly turned all the way down in the actual routine for the competition? Like Bastid said, why would you spend so much time getting good at a live set….and then fake it?

  • Deejay ITL

    I love the output and energy of his set musically….but….the video of the set at the finals clearly show channel gains all the way turned down….on both channels!!!! Guessing he is firing a SP6 ???…..i did not look past 6:09 because it felt just wrong…

    I own an S9 for a few months now and those grey knobs all the way to the left say: SOUND OFF…..

    And then we hits the Just Blaze with EM vocals…he tries to cut the beat out with the fader and I really see him missing his own cue…and cutting the fader down too late…..what a Deucebag!

    Very sad to see this… Then to Re-up with a set at home…..sorry dude……you blew if for me….

  • DJRams

    God dam he’s cheezing it up… this is hard to watch… No one actually working on a world tital set should look that relaxed….

  • JustSayKB

    Respect to DJ City, Red Bull 3Style, and Skratch Bastid. Paul is right for the disqualification. If you watch the Facebook Live stream, it’s apparent that the guy has skills. The problem is that he didn’t perform live. If you look at this image, it should end all the back and forth I see on social media about this…

    • lol atu

      Right you can see he never actually cues up any songs in Serato. What I can’t understand is why bother? He memorized the entire set and is hitting the scratches and finger drumming at the right parts for the most part. Why not just do it for real? Must be a massive self confidence issue. I know it’s hard to perform in front of a large audience but damn I would be more afraid to try to pull this fakery off.

  • Paul Middleton

    Can not believe he thought he would get through with that 1st live video —

  • Paul Middleton

    Can not believe he thought he would get through with that 1st live video —
    its a shit routine anyway —

  • Paul Middleton

    its just a mash up – Embarrassing