Should DJs Use Sync?

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Syncing is one of the most controversial topics in the DJ community. People have made passionate arguments for both sides, and now it’s DJ TLM‘s time to chime in. Watch above on this episode of Share the Knowledge.

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  • DJ Ezoh

    100% agree with everything you said

  • Marco Antonio Marrero

    i have never used sync. like you, i started on turntables, so i learned how to mix by ear, from turntables, i went to cds then fro cds i went to controllers. my controller has a sync button and i have never used it. i don’t need to

  • djdef_1

    So ppl get hung up on the sync button but you are matching the wave files or you are starring at the bpm’s in serato or your software of choice. Am I missing something. What’s the difference? If we are going to be real let the lid down on that laptop. Lol
    Learn to mix with your ears. Used the technology that’s out there. If you are ever called out you will be just fine, because you learned the right way…