Review: Pulselocker Streaming Service for DJs

For this week’s episode of Tips & Tricks, Mojaxx gives an honest review of Pulselocker, a music streaming service that’s designed for DJs. Up until recently, the service was only available in niche DJ software like PCDJ Red and However, Serato added support for Pulselocker in March and Pioneer announced that it will be available in rekordbox this spring.
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  • Fady Kassab

    Am not interested on them anymore as i cant use it in uae… why serato support them for just some countries as serato is an international company… that not fair at all

  • Christopher Alvarez

    Mojaxx!! Yes! Thank you for your honesty! This video is HUGELY helpful. As always you did a very well thought out review and I appreciate what you had to say.

  • GJ

    I love my Traktor and it sucks that no one makes anything compatible.. Really sucks but oh well.

  • Ouch. But I appreciate the honest review. Another negative is the inability to record mixes. Too bad, Pulselocker is a concept with potential, but alas, poor execution.

  • Jsalas

    I know there are a lot of small nuance that can make or break a service, which can be a deal breaker for pro and experience DJ’s, but please keep in mind. This is still Beta! I am a new DJ, and I have to say Pulse Locker has been good to me. I am sure as the final product will be more complete and polished with more available features.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have ran into a lot of those problems that you mentioned in your video, but I still keep in mind that it is still in beta. Anyways I agree it is still flawed and it still needs more tweaking, but the concept and idea is a pretty good solid idea. I will continue to support them and fund them with my monthly sub.