2017 Red Bull 3Style U.S. Finalists

Red Bull 3Style

Red Bull 3Style has chosen the following DJs to compete in the U.S. national finals:

Boi Jeanius, DJ EASE, DJ FingerSmith, Bo, DJ Diggy Dutch, and DJ Frazier Davis.

The competition will be held in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 29.

This announcement is part of a series of daily updates in which DJcity will reveal the participants for each competing country.

Watch the entry videos for the U.S. finalists below.

Boi Jeanius, Chicago

DJ EASE, Las Vegas

DJ FingerSmith, New York City

Bo, Washington, D.C.

DJ Diggy Dutch, Austin

DJ Frazier Davis, Los Angeles

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  • Eddie Rue

    Wow…no DJ ragoza????

  • Robbie Rich

    Should of had Ragoza in the comp!

  • DJ Real One

    Ragoza got ripped off

  • Donald Nezungai

    DJ Ragoza was robbed 🙁

  • Jay Dowd

    What about Ragoza?

  • cmon guys how don’t Ragoza get a spot? Is it cuz he ain’t droppin’ a DJ City tag in his set? Yall got no shame thats low.

    • Styles Davis

      @sizzahandz:disqus DJcity had absolutely no weigh in on the decision process. Simply a media partner pimp sauce…

      • then hook us up with a legit reason why he didn’t make it? I can’t find a dj that don’t feel like he was at LEAST top 6. Please enlighten me pimp sauce.

        • Eddie Rue

          waiting on a response…..i really want to know how he didn’t make it

          • Styles Davis

            you have to ask 3style. hit them up

          • I guess 3style picked the judges and all the judges they picked felt Ragoza’s set wasn’t worthy of top 6. I would love someone to jump on here with some legit reasons why he didn’t get in. It will blow over like everything else does to a lot of people and simply go overlooked like all other paltry behavior in this bullshit industry. Someone gotta be the voice for the other side, enough is enough. Thanks for the replies, some reply is better than none i guess lol.