Red Bull 3Style Thailand Finalists

Red Bull 3Style

Red Bull 3Style has chosen DJs Whatdatfrog, PeGG, EX-DEE, MAIAM, NUTTY, and Nine to compete at the Thailand national finals.

The competition will take place on Oct. 7.

This is part of a series of daily announcements in which DJcity will reveal the participants for each competing country.

Watch the entry videos for the Thailand finalists below.

Whatdatfrog, Nonthaburi

DJ PeGG, Bangkok

EX-DEE, Phuket

MAIAM, Bangkok

DJ NUTTY, Bangkok

DJ Nine, Hua Hin

Stay tuned for more announcements.

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  • Faibo Xellent

    EX-DEE’s routine sounds alot like I-EMERGE’s winning routine from 2004 DMC

    • Thamonrat Bam

      Hi sorry, Not to be rude or anything but could i get some clarifications on how it sounds like his set ? Because to be completely honest, i don’t see any resemblances. Sorry if it seems out of place to ask you this, i’m just curious haha. Ta 😄