Pioneer Reveals Details of PLX-1000 Turntable

Pioneer PLX-1000
After teasing it in March, Pioneer has finally released details for their new direct drive PLX-1000 turntable, which will hit stores in August and cost $699. The news was accompanied by a demo video featuring turntable legends QBert and Shortkut (see below).
“The PLX-1000 is precision engineered for the booth, drawing on 50 years experience of making high-end turntables. The result is a familiar layout with some next generation improvements, including a high-torque direct drive system, multi-pitch control, club-grade build and sound quality, and detachable power and audio cables,” the press release says.
Key Features:
– High-torque direct drive (33⅓ rpm in 0.3 seconds)
– Classic DJ turntable layout
– Removable power, ground and phono cables
– S-shaped tone arm
– Multiple tempo control options: ±8%, ±16% and ±50%
– Tempo reset button
– Solid build for excellent vibration damping
– Professional-grade gold-plated RCA jacks
– Rubber-lined tone arm to improve isolation and prevent feedback
Watch QBert and Shortkut get busy with the PLX-1000 and discuss its features:

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  • djTooHot4YoMomma

    I love how they failed to mention Technics in the entire video. I understand why, but lets not kid ourselves – this was made to replace the Technics in the market.

  • djlukamusic

    I love the look, and I can gaurentee it’ll be bombproof, but I’m suprised they didn’t take it one step forward like with the new reloop deck. I get it’s main purpose is obvioiusly to replace all the techs, but they really didn’t do anything new. It would have been cool to see the next step from pioneer in bringing turntables back into the digital dj game that we all play today.

    • Xristo

      baby steps…they wouldve drawn crazy scrutiny if they messed with it so theyll probably have either a separate model or an add-on, both of which is a more lucrative idea anyway

    • Reloop is dope but for a $100<Less you can get a pair of dicers on eBay. Not to mention, most DJs who are serious about their craft will usually have a hybrid mixer such as the Native Instruments Z2 or the Rane 62. As a scratch DJ, the Reloop is useless to me. Although, it is a great product overall.

      • wtf?? I didn’t wtf??

        • Reloop is dope but for a $100 or less you can get a pair of dicers on ebay. not to mention, most djs who are serious about their craft will usually have a hybrid mixer such as the native instruments z2 or the rane 62. as a scratch dj, the reloop is useless to me. although, it is a great product overall.

          To pay an extra 100 to 200 for a turntable PER turntable that features these extra bells and whistles that I can find a cheaper just as good alternative is just not smart and wouldn’t increase the Return of Investment. Basically, extra money spent but no real return.

  • Jerry

    The torque on these suckers is insane 0.3 to 33.3 versus 0.7 for the 1200’s. I would love to try them on for size.

    • Bru

      when Vestax came out, their pickup was superior to Technics

  • Rob_Dj

    Technics rules. Technics 4EVER!

  • DJ_Jon_Doe

    so they finally stepped up…to where vestax decks have been for he past 15 or so years give or take a few