Our Top 5 Favorite Remixes of Adele’s ‘Hello’

After suffering from writer’s block for three years, Adele has returned to the spotlight with her record-breaking single, “Hello.”
Last week, the song’s video became the first ever to receive over 27.7 million Vevo views within 24 hours, beating Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” It then became the fastest video to hit 100 million views, second only to PSY’s “Gentleman.” Furthermore, “Hello” is now the first song to sell over a million digital sales in a week, a notable achievement in a struggling industry.
But despite all the acclaim and accolades, “Hello” is a somber ballad without percussion, meaning that most DJs won’t play it in the club. Thankfully, though, dozens of remixes have already hit the web. Check out our favorites below, which range from trap to big room.
DJ Mike D | Download
[djc url=http://www.djcity.com/digital/adele-hello-dj-mike-d-remix—49002.htm]

Dustin Que | Download
[djc url=http://www.djcity.com/digital/adele-hello-dustin-que-remix—48922.htm]

Paul Damixie | Download
[djc url=http://www.djcity.com/digital/adele-hello-paul-damixie-remix—48895.htm]

Pink Panda | Download
[djc url=http://www.djcity.com/digital/adele-hello-pink-panda-remix—49017.htm]

Wide Awake | Download
[djc url=http://www.djcity.com/digital/adele-hello-wide-awake-trap-remix—48899.htm]

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