Our Favorite Routines of the DMC Online Finals

DMC Online DJ Championships

The final round of the 2016 DMC Online DJ Championship has begun. Check out our favorite routines below and all the other entries here. The champion will be announced on June 16.

DJ Buruaaaa, Japan
Pure, absolute madness. So much #LITness.

DJ Spell, New Zealand
This might be the funkiest and most musically satisfying set of the finals.

DJ Brace, Canada
Craze says: “Holy sh*t that was dope!”

DJ As-One, USA
His C+C Music Factory juggle is fire.

Ritchie Ruftone, UK
Probably the best use of “Game of Thrones” in any routine we’ve seen.

Skillz, France
So sharp and precise. His name serves him right.

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