Nardwuar Interviews Vince Staples

Legendary Canadian interviewer Nardwuar has dropped his first interview of 2017. This time, he caught up with outspoken Long Beach rapper, Vince Staples, who recently made a stop in Vancouver for his Life Aquatic Tour.

In classic Nardwuar style, Staples fielded a barrage of unusual yet hilarious questions. Topics covered include the time he nearly drowned as a kid, his frequent collaborator, No I.D., Snoop Dogg, and why the old style of gangbanging is out. He also touched on little-known facts about his life, including his love of Joy Division and Microsoft Encarta. As always, Nardwuar brought along some gifts.

Staples released his latest single, “BagBak,” in February. The track is slated to appear on his next album.

Watch the interview above.

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