Mayer Hawthorne and Pharrell Williams in the Studio

Soul-crooner Mayer Hawthorne takes us behind the scenes during the recording of his upcoming third studio album, Where Does This Door Go. The teaser video features Pharrell Williams and other producers speaking on the project and praising Hawthorne.
Pharrell said this about the album, “There’s no other guy like him that has his voice and has that story. Wait until you guys hear it…His f***ing album’s a book. It’s good.”
Unlike his previous releases, the Michigan-born singer experimented with different styles and expanded beyond the Motown sound which he’s best known for. Hawthorne recently told Rolling Stone, “In the past, I’ve approached the songs with a certain sort of box that I was in where it had to sound a certain way,” he explains. “I was very focused on maintaining my Detroit roots.”
Hawthorne also revealed that the album includes a song with Kendrick Lamar called “Crime.” Where Does This Door Go is scheduled for July 16 on Universal Republic.
Download the album’s lead single, “Her Favorite Song