Mana’s Fher Olvera Speaks Out About Trump’s Comments

Donald Trump’s offensive comments about Mexican and Latin American immigrants last week have sparked an uproar. Univision, the biggest Spanish-language broadcaster in the US, has severed ties with the real estate tycoon and many celebrities have denounced him.
One of the latest to speak out against Trump is Fher Olvera, the lead singer of the hugely popular Mexican rock band, Maná. Speaking exclusively with Billboard, Olvera told the website why him and his band felt the need to raise their voices.

“At the end of the day, he can be a ‘pendejo’ [a fool] — he’s a guy whose head doesn’t work well — but he’s an important celebrity. And he makes such an aggressive reference to a race, it can’t pass unnoticed. We have to express what we think as Latins. I don’t think we should stay quiet. We have to express the truth: He’s a man full of violence and hate, and really, it’s obvious he dislikes Latins and Mexicans, even though many work for him. It’s an unfair posture from an ungrateful boss. We can’t keep quiet in a country where we’re trying to make a living.”

Read the full interview here.
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