Lil Jon Reveals He Produced a Song on Tyga’s New Album

Lil Jon

Lil Jon recently stopped by Las Vegas radio station 98.5 KLUC to chop it up with DJ CO1 and Yung Jon Que.
During the interview, Jon revealed that he just finished a track with Kronic (the co-producer of “Bend Ova”) for Tyga’s upcoming album. He said the song features Chris Brown.
Jon also discussed how he was introduced to EDM, his preferred production gear, how he makes anthems year after year, what makes a good DJ set, his pre-gig routine, and more.

“I don’t just go in and half ass do anything. People think I just go in and say ‘blah blah blah’ and walk out the studio. No, I actually take time — I write — I’m strategic in what I put on every track.”


“You gotta play for your crowd and that’s what makes a good a set — to touch everybody in the place.”


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