Kaskade Releases ‘Never Sleep Alone’ Video

Following his appearance at the International Music Summit in Hollywood last week, veteran DJ/producer Kaskade today released a video for his new single “Never Sleep Alone.” The forward-thinking song is his debut on Warner Bros. Records, which he signed to in January.
Although the track has amassed nearly one million SoundCloud plays since its release two weeks ago, it hasn’t been without criticism. Some fans were quick to attack Kaskade for jumping on the “future house bandwagon” while others defended the long-time producer, saying he’s made similar tracks before.
Kaskade laughed it off though. When DJcity asked him at IMS how he feels about the criticism, he replied: “I just don’t like the word ‘future house,’ because house is the future. There’s no such thing as future house. We’ve been living in the future since freaking 1982.”
Download: Kaskade – Never Sleep Alone
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