Kanye Gives Candid Interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’

“The Breakfast Club” has been on a roll lately. Following high-profile interviews with Tyga and former CNN host Larry King (yes, you read that right), the popular radio show featured Kanye West on Friday morning. The hour-long conversation addressed Yeezy’s controversial comments about Beck, criticism of Kim Kardashian, his relationship with Damon Dash, Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s relationship, what to expect from his next album, and much more.
Here’s a breakdown of the topics:
01:25 – His new Yeezy Boost shoes and mission to make affordable clothing
06:40 – His controversial comments about Beck at the Grammys
12:55 – Why he defends Beyonce so much
17:00 – Why Kim Kardashian poses nude in magazines
21:40 – How the Kardashian brand has affected his music career
23:00 – Why he choose Damon Dash to present his BET Honors Award
25:50 – Staying competitive as a musician
28:50 – His thoughts on Tyga’s controversial relationship with Kylie Jenner
29:50 – What to expect from his next album
30:45 – His relationship with the controversial Louis Farrakhan
35:50 – More details about his next album
37:40 – Beyonce and Kim Kardashian’s relationship
40:20 – Where the inspiration for his “Wolves” song came from
41:55 – His relationship with Jay Z
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