Is EDM Entering its Punk Phase?

Martin Garrix

Rolling Stone has written an insightful article about how harder and less-conventional styles of EDM are gaining momentum in the mainstream.
The piece, which is titled, “Turn Down for What? Why EDM Is Entering Its Punk Phase,” points to massively popular tracks such as DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” and Martin Garrix’s “Animals,” as examples of how commercial radio stations are now embracing explosive and hard-edged sounds.
Up until recently, vocal-orientated tunes by artists such as Calvin Harris, Afrojack, and Zedd were the only EDM tracks that received significant radio play.
Marlon Flohr of Bassjacker believes that the industry is adapting to the scene though:
“What’s happening right now is the radio is embracing electronic music — it’s not the other way around. Those songs are not songs that you write to get played on the radio, but radio is embracing it.”
Vice, a veteran Las Vegas DJ, also spoke with Rolling Stone about EDM’s changing landscape and described “Turn Down For What” and “Animals” as such:

“It’s something that’s in-your-face and something that’s going to give you a rush of energy off the first listen. I really look at it like how punk music came into the scene and shook sh#t up. I really feel that this is kind of a revolution starting.”

Other tracks mentioned include Lil Jon’s new banger with Tyga, “Bend Ova,” and Steve Aoki & Waka Flocka Flame’s aptly-titled, “Rage the Night Away.”
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