Introducing Serato Flip

A new expansion pack for Serato DJ called Serato Flip was announced today.
Set for release this September with Serato DJ 1.7 — Serato Flip enables users to record Cue Point and Censor actions, which can be saved and looped, ready to re-trigger and start in an instant. It can be used to create up to six Flips per track.
AJ Bertenshaw, CEO of Serato says:

“We are very proud and excited to finally unveil Serato Flip, which we have been hard at work on for many months. We think our users will find the ability to flip tracks and save their edits to be an indispensable new way to work with Serato DJ.”

Watch DJcity’s live video Q&A with Serato this Tuesday, August 5.
Visit Serato’s website for more information about Serato Flip and its features.