Inside the Rise of DJ-Owned Labels

Skrillex performs at Red Bull Guest House in Miami, Florida. (Erik Voake/Red Bull)
Forbes has published an article about the rise of DJ-owned record labels and their mission to expose the next big talent.
Below are some notable quotes from the piece, which can be read in its entirety here.
Dim Mak Founder Steve Aoki: “I’m holding a mirror, so when attention comes towards me, I’m pointing the mirror towards artists I think are the next young guns and pioneers of sound . . . If I became famous first and then started a label, I don’t know if I would have had the same motivation in that regard.”
OWSLA Founder Skrillex: “The whole idea was just to build a team around people who are young as well, and to give them the opportunity to grab the reins . . . I’m always trying to find that new sound, that new star person that I believe in.”
Fool’s Gold Co-founder Nick Catchdubs: “It’s our duty to expose people to new stuff and to sneak in as many new acts as we can.”
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