Henry Fong Responds to Critics of Mainstage EDM

Henry Fong
DJ/producer Henry Fong took to Facebook on Tuesday to address critics of mainstage EDM.
The Florida native said in a Facebook post that the style is popular because it’s based on melodies and people relate to that, especially the younger generations. He also said comparing it with underground deep house and techno is pointless.
Fong, who’s known for his high-energy productions, has been on the rise over the last year. He’s toured with Tommy Trash and performed at festivals including Ultra, EDC, Electric Zoo, and HARD Summer.
Read his full comments below.

“Still not sure why some of the underground deep/techno guys are still hating on the mainstage EDM. It’s pretty simple as to why it’s more popular, and why it’s played on the mainstages. It’s very melody/riff based. People relate to melodies, and can sing along. I’m not saying techno or deep house doesn’t have melody at all, some of it does, but a lot of proper techno has very dark driving basslines with some percussion and isn’t based around a hooky or apparent melody. Oliver Heldens is killing it right now because he makes the groovy stuff but really focuses his tracks around the melody. Both genres have their own feel, and thats ok. People go through different feelings at different times of their lives, and different music accompanies that. I’ve been front row at an Afrojack show going nuts before I did this as a career and I had a great time, then you grow older and your musical tastes morph as you age. Its not really fair for some bitter 40 something year old DJ to be passing judgement on an 18 year old dancing at the mainstage of a big festival, the 18 year old is clearly at a different point and wants to hear more upbeat party oriented music. It’s like a stepping stone to other genres of dance music later on. Comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges, and you’re just wasting your time. To be honest, I think its pretty awesome when you hear ‘Tremor’ played at a festival and everyone starts chanting the melody, it’s an incredibly catchy melody, and trust me it’s not easy to write one like that. Why does that deserve hate from a DJ from another genre who claims to be preserving the roots of dance music, when the root of dance music is the MELODY!!”

For those curious about Fong’s background and production philosophy, check out this interview we did with him in early 2014:

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