Help Support Your Fellow DJs

We recently heard about two DJs who are in a lot of trouble and need help. As hard working DJs ourselves, we try to help our brothers and sisters when we can. Please take a moment to read the message below and donate if you can. Thanks.

DJ Joey G (Joe Gencarelli) lost his lower leg after battling an infection. He needs a prosthetic leg and help paying his medical bills. Read Joey’s story and donate

DJ Lazy Boy (Gregory Sherrell) lost his teeth after receiving cancer treatment and is hoping to replace them. Read Greg’s story and donate

These DJs are hoping to get 5,000 of their peers to donate $20 a piece ($10 dollars to each cause) which is 100K total. If you’re able to make a donation, please send an email to with your name and state (to be put on a published list).

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