Finalists for Avicii ‘Without You’ Remix Contest


DJcity has picked the 10 finalists for the official AviciiWithout Youremix contest.

We received entries from all around the world and of a wide variety of styles. It took a long time to listen to them, but we made sure to hear each one. Now that we’ve selected the finalists, it’s up to Avicii to pick the winner.

The winner, which will be announced on Sept. 20, will receive $5,000 and have his or her remix released on Geffen Records.

Check out the finalists below (in alphabetical order).

Arc North, Sweden

Mark Pride, Croatia


Melo.Kids, Poland

Notre Dame, France

Redax, Germany

Rozen, Brazil

Tokima Tokio, Japan

Tony & Voxon, Latvia and United Arab Emirates

Vinil, Sweden

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  • deFlip

    Melo.Kids! Super catchy singing synth!

  • J Danger

    Dang no one from USA ? 🤔

  • Axel Bergsten

    I’m kinda disappointed by the judges actually

    • Alex Gordeev

      Agreed. About half of these are quite average musically. And I refuse to believe that there weren’t any worthy remixes from the US. My favorite out of these 10 is probably the German one. France also very good.

      • Chris D

        You overestimate yourself, my friend

        • Alex Gordeev

          Maybe. But I am also my own worst critic. So I guess it balances out. haha. I am just giving my honest opinion on these picks that’s all. It’s just my opinion. Just like you saying I overestimate myself is only your opinion. 🙂 I’d be interested to hear yours btw. What’s the name?

      • Albion

        Yours is def more interesing and creative when it comes to the harmonies. Probs for that, very cool chords. Maybe your drop is not ‘hands up’ enough for the djcity community lol
        I wouldnt care too much bro

        • Alex Gordeev

          Haha. I don’t. I’ve done so many of these contests I am very used to it. I have won a couple though.

    • Beat Slayer


  • Konye

    I feel like my djcity is a little perfunctory。

  • Axel Bergsten

    It feels like they focused more on choosing people from different countries then the actual music quality.

    • Yeah but geographical diversity is easier to market

      • Axel Bergsten

        But it was a remix competition and their choices was actually kinda un-professional. I mean, there’s like 2 good songs in there, rest is aids..

    • Paco

      RIP Wernberg lmao

      • Axel Bergsten


  • Renan

    Awesome! Good choices!

  • Reges Ferreira de Paula


  • Garvanin Acuña


  • But are there enough generic prog house remixes?

    Because I don’t think so.

    • Alex Gordeev

      I know right. A bunch of people did the same guitar verse thing as the original Avicii. That’s what HE is known for. Do something different for f***’s sake!!! lol.

    • Sageel Ahmed (Sanjin)
  • Martin S

    I am disappointed! I have heared much better ones. Additionally I thought it was a rule to use the Remix cover, but it’s a great way to loose the respect of the rules from DJcity.

    • Mario S. Bonilla

      I say the same :/

  • DOXX


    • Paco

      Hell yeah! I miss progressive in this list.

  • Rmx Man

    Congratulation for the 10 finalists.
    I’ve done this remix too but only in the last day, check it when you can.
    I’m not mad about nothing, I’m glad I have done this remix.

  • Damian K

    not as good as i expected for a top 10.. but i would vote for Tokimas Remix 😛

  • Jhonata Lobo


    • Renan


  • Sebastian Eveland

    I’m disappointed… It feels like the judjes didn’t really choose by quality, more like some fair shit. Like, they choose whom had the best concept and not product, if you get what I mean (I don’t really know how I should tell it xD)

    • Mario S. Bonilla


  • Jacob Eden

    This is depressing. I didn’t hear about this until just today, and I swear I could’ve made a better remix that nearly all of these.

    Goodbye, $5000.

  • José

    Arc North ♡

  • Nito Music

    Wtf is notre dame remix?

  • We ERA

    Congratulations for the 10 finalists 👍

  • Congrats to all the finalists!
    Here’s my remix –
    Readers, would like your feedback 🙂

  • SƠN
  • Alexx Lion

    Good luck to all the finalists tomorrow!!!

  • Luiz


  • Kevin Gro

    I have a remix I made 2 weeks ago I submitted my remix a day after the deadline didn’t have the time but My for sure can sound better than some of these picked
    Just saying
    But good luck to the finalists and winner
    Here’s my progressive house style remix
    Avicii – Without You (Kevin Gro Remix) Master Edit by KEVIN GRO on #SoundCloud

  • We ERA

    Avicii i can help you to choose the winner ☺️

  • djoker

    please sample vocal :-/