Dutch Company Invents Solar-Powered DJ Booth

With DJing and sustainable energy both on the rise, a Dutch company named Yalp has invented a solar-powered DJ booth designed for outdoor use.
“Fono” is intended for younger users and ideal for placement on schoolyards and playgrounds. The booth enables users to DJ in the simplest way possible and only requires a smartphone with a music library.

Fono is a new kind of playground, [specifically] developed for teenagers. Teens care a lot about their friends and want to spent as much time together, just hanging around and listening to music. Fono offers them a new positive way of being together: a meeting place for youth that challenges them to express themselves in a creative way with their own music.

Deep House Amsterdam, who broke the story, pointed out that Fono has a downside. “It doesn’t have actual pitch slides to beatmatch two different tunes manually, nor are there any EQ knobs present,” the site writes. “What users can do, however, is automatically sync tracks and cue/prelisten to your mix-in track over your headphones. The effects that can be used are: loop, delay, crush, scratch, filter and more.”